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centre commercial beaugrenelle paris

We can already hear you saying: "The Panoramic building at the moment is a bit "messy "! You had to say "Goodbye" to Marks & Spencer Food in mid-March following their decision to leave France. The 3rd floor of Panoramic and the gateway are closed from Panoramic access. Ditto for the Quindici restaurant and its delicious pizzas (so many memories of the 4-cheese pizza and the Babbini pizza). My Pop and his burgers also closed ... In short, you're feeling a bit lost in your dear Beaugrenelle ... We understand but not worry, we tell you everything on this page and we will keep you regularly informed of work progress !


beaugrenelle gateway

Before tackling the big picture, we just wanted to reassure our Instagramers addicted to the beautiful Parisian views: the gateway, an iconic place of Beaugrenelle with a breathtaking view on the Seine river, the Statue of Liberty and the Swan Island, remains open and accessible from Magnetic building. So for the selfie in the bridge: you juste have to go to the building Magnetic, you go up to the 3rd floor and hop just to the right of the Fnac, you can access the bridge. It's easyyy! ;)


Panoramic building of Beaugrenelle

Now that you are reassured about the fate of the gateway, let's talk about Panoramic! In addition to the restaurants that have already closed their doors, Yellow Korner is also leaving us. Sabon shop will move to the 1st floor of Magnetic (just between Devialet and Kusmi Tea) and The Kaze shop has already changed location by taking up residence in the City building right next to Micromania. 


The Pathé Beaugrenelle cinema, Cojean, Haägen Dazs, La Pâtisserie des Rêves, Noura and Panasia are still there. So you can continue to come and see the latest movies, enjoy ice cream or Saint-Honoré, take a tasty trip to Asia & Lebanon or enjoy a healthy break as usual! We also reserve you a first good surprise that will arrive in May: the opening of Indiana Café restaurant on the ground floor of Panoramic (right next to the Pathé cinema)! Beaugrenelle also offers a range of restaurants and gourmet breaks on Magnetic with Eclectic, DS Café, Ladurée Picnic, Yogurt Factory ... Find the whole range of restaurants in Beaugrenelle.

As you can see, the Panoramic building is changing and we are redesigning the interior spaces to welcome wonderful surprises! Be patient a few more weeks, we will soon tell you everything on this page!