Lego à Beaugrenelle Paris
Lego à Beaugrenelle Paris
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Open Monday - Saturday 10 am - 8:30 pm
Open Sunday 11 am - 7 pm

Giving your children your time and playing with them is seeing themthem grow up.
Having fun with brothers and sisters or with friends is sharing unforgettable moments.
Discover and build the world of today, from the past or future, is to escape for a few moments from your daily life with the help of some colorful bricks…
This is what "Atelier LEGO®" offers with playful and original animations.
Creating exciting family and friendly moments,  for the youngest and the elders, this is what the new "LEGO® Workshop" is about!
Developed by Epicure Studio agency, the exclusive partner of the Danish brand LEGO® in France.

So everyone, to the  bricks! And see you soon…
Tak (*). 
(*) Thank you in Danish.



Come build the World at Atelier LEGO Beaugrenelle!

Take a creative family break at Atelier Lego


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Lego à Beaugrenelle Paris