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"The Collection By" is pleased to welcome CABAÏA!


Created in 2015, Cabaïa, the French brand of ready-to-wear accessories (hats, socks, bags and beach towels) is continuing its development and is seeing its turnover multiplied by 5 in the space of three years.

With 150,000 pieces sold in 2018 and more than 700 dealers in France and Europe, it is now essential in the world of accessories and distinguishes itself from its competitors with its innovative, fun and colorful concepts. and a strong environmental and responsible commitment. The brand has just been awarded the EVE Vegan label and is committed to protecting animals on a daily basis.

In 2015, after losing his cap on the Paris metro, Bastien Valensi decided to create a hundred bonnets with interchangeable pompoms to sell them in a "bar hats" at the Vélizy Shopping Center. The success is at the rendezvous, more than 300 hats are sold in one day!

Bastien then decides to decline the concept and then launches "La Guinguette Socks", where are sold inseparable socks in the names of couples with a button system to fight against the phenomenon of the solitary sock. Then, came "The beach in Tongs" where you can buy: flip-flops with interchangeable thongs and towels with a small secret pocket to finally know where to put your keys and phone on the beach.

Currently, more than 20 barbells are in operation.

Today, the brand continues to develop and launches its new concept: Around the World in 80 bags!