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Panasia restaurant beaugrenelle paris
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Open all week 9 am - 6 pm

PANORAMIC, 1st floor


Panasia restaurant at Beaugrenelle Paris


PANASIA invites you in a culinary journey through Asia, with its most famous dishes selected among the great cuisines of the Far East: chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Cambodian, Indonesian... It is a cooking of merger, a pan-Asian cooking.

The borders between the tastes are erased, and your papillae cross freely from some wasabi to the curry, of the citronella into the cinnamon, from the kikoman to the nuokmam, of sour soft in the salt pepper.
PANASIA gathers all the lovers of Asian cooking around the same table, with varied and diversified choices.

PANASIA is inspired by the model of " Asian brasserie" which penetrated all the Asian cities, and also in Los Angeles, New York, London and Berlin. It is the modern facet of Asia: the innovation and the creation are in the execution and dishes, the Asian qualities are very there: the variety of ingredients, the wealth of the flavors and the perfumes …

À la carte:
Around thirty of amuse mouths and of entrances: soups, salads, vapors, and fryings.
NEW! Sushis arrive to Panasia, please discover our new Japanese card and sushi bars!